Looking to donate rather than volunteer time? Interested in contributing beyond our CARE Packages program? We're seeking awesome folks willing to help out with the following:


  • 1TB+ external harddrives. 
  • High-speed internet stipend 
  • Yearly domain renewal stipend
  • Skype, landline or cell phone stipend 
  • Postage stipend
  • Envelopes/mailing labels/bubble wrap stipend
  • Photocopying stipend
  • Frames + albums for one our even ALL of our families
  • Photographic print stipends for our families (e.g. for use at snapfish, Walgreens, etc.) 
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop) stipend
  • Envelopes/mailing labels/bubble wrap
  • Discounted scanning services (For families on our waitlist.)
  • Gift Certificates of every variety to assist our needy families in other ways
  • Administrative stipend 
  • Indoor event spaces (for CARE Scanning Events)
  • Bus or van! (for CARE Scanning Events
  • Coffee & snacks (for volunteers at CARE Scanning Events)
  • MACbooks (for CARE Scanning Events)
  • Flatbed scanners (for CARE Scanning Events) 
  • Mailing list services
  • Portable generator 
  • Button maker
  • Web hosting

I'm ready to sponsor or donate equipment or services. What now?

Fantastic! Please get in touch to discuss details. Place the phrase "CARE DONOR" or "CARE SPONSOR" in your subject line, so as to best filter your communication. Be sure to provide your phone number as well as preferred day/time to speak. We'll reciprocate by phone or e-mail ASAP.

Is CARE for Sandy seeking cash donations?

CARE for Sandy is not a federally registered 501(c)(3not-for-profit charity, which means it cannot accept cash contributions, lest its founder become responsible for all proceeds when the tax man comes a knockin'. It’s a grassroots volunteer effort, currently being coordinated/ coached/ web administrated/ designed/ written/ ideated by a team of one from a home office in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with the help of 2 fabulous part-time staff members. We therefore greatly prefer physical donations.

Why haven't you filed for non-profit status?

Uncle Sam makes it tricky to obtain and maintain status. Furthermore, to file costs around $2,000 and it can take up to two years to net approval. More importantly, because CARE's needs are predominantly skill-based rather than monetary (save for non-existent compensation for tens of thousands of administrative and Photoshop hours), because CARE is not sure how long it will be able to remain a sustainable organization, and because running an official non-profit comes with its own set of dog and pony show requirements...we've opted to remain a volunteer organization. 

Anything else?

Please note contributions will not be tax-deductable due to the fact that CARE is not a federally registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity. However if 'you' were to come forward with a sizable donation, we'd gladly find a secondary official non-profit to work with to enable write-off status.