***NEW! NY1
"New Yorker of the Week" ||| TV segment + LIVE interview on "The Call" w' Maria Milito 

ABC New York
"Helping Sandy victims save their photos" ||| TV segment + web

Advanced Photoshop Magazine (UK)
"30 Retouching Tips for Pros" ||| print

Al Jazeera America
"One Year Later: Restoring Precious Memories" ||| TV segment 
*Screen capture of phone capture of live TV airing. Infortunately we were never sent a formal copy!

America 24 (Italy)
"Restauratori di ricordi: volontari recuperano le foto danneggiate da Sandy" ||| web

"Volunteers Retouch Sandy-Damaged Photos" ||| web

The Atlantic Cities/City Lab
"Restoring Sandy-Damaged Photos, for Free" ||| web

"Help CARE for Sandy Restore Photos and Preserves Memories" ||| web

The Brooklyn Courier
"Volunteers digitally repair Sandy-damaged photos" ||| print + web

Brooklyn Daily Eagle
"Help for photos damaged by Hurricane Sandy" |||  print + web

The Brooklyn Ink
"Volunteers Restore Photos Damaged During Sandy" ||| web

"Photoshop to the rescue! Volunteers needed to save Sandy soaked photos" + "Restore Sandy-damaged photos for free, this weekend, thanks to CARE" +
"Sandy’s gone, but the volunteer opportunities aren’t" ||| web (3x)

CBC (Canada)
"Recovering the Memories: Working to find and restore photographs lost during superstorm Sandy" ||| web

"Saving photos damaged by Sandy" ||| radio segment + web 

Columbia School of Journalism
"Aux Etats-Unis, la nécessaire sauvegarde des photos après Sandy" ||| webisode

"The Anniversary of Sandy and CARE" ||| web 

"CARE for Sandy is restoring memories" ||| radio segment

CW (WPIX, New York)
*Unfortunately we never received a copy!
 ||| TV segment

Effed in Park Slope
"Help Save Photos From Sandy" ||| web

FOX News
"Volunteer group restores photos for Sandy victims" ||| national TV segment


Garden City Patch
"CARE for Sandy restores lost memories" ||| web

Graphic Artists Guild"
 for Sandy, One Year Out||| web

"Help-Portrait Staten Island, NY 2012 Hurricane Sandy Relief" ||| documentary (CARE featured between 10:40-13:49) 

"Restore Your Family Albums" ||| web

Long Island Press
"Sandy Damaged Photo Fixing Event Sunday" ||| web

Long Island Report 
"CARE for Sandy helps hurricane victims one photo at a time" ||| webisode + web

"The One Thing People Keep" ||| web + video segment

"Volunteers help restore Sandy-damaged photos" + "Free photo restoration available for Sandy victims" ||| print + web (2x)

News 12 Brooklyn
"Volunteers help restore Sandy-damaged photos" ||| TV segment

New York Daily News
"Saving memories soaked by Superstorm Sandy" + "Brought back to life: Traveling team digitally restores cherished pix damaged by storm" + "Restoring memories" ||| print + web (3x) 

Jeff Bachner/for New York Daily News

New York Post
"FIXING SANDY PICS: Volunteers digitally restore hurricane-damaged photos" ||| Brooklyn Weekly print insert

"‘CARE’ coming to Sayreville: Volunteer group offers to restore Sandy-damaged photos" ||| web

NYC Media Official Network of the City of New York 
"CARE for Sandy" ||| NYC yellow cab video monitor segment 


PBS' "Need to Know"
"A grassroots effort to save photos damaged by Hurricane Sandy" ||| webisode 

The Philadelphia Inquirer
"Volunteer group restores treasured photos damaged by Sandy" ||| print + web

Public Radio International's "The World"
"Restoring Cherished Photographs After A Natural Disaster" ||| Radio segment

Resource Magazine 
CARE for Sandy ||| Web

Rowan Today 
"Preserving precious family photos: RTF prof volunteers with CARE for Sandy" ||| web

Take Part
 "Volunteers Mobilize to Retouch Sandy-Damaged Photographs for Free" ||| web

Time Out New York
"Hurricane Sandy: One Year Later" ||| print + web

The Toronto Star (Canada's largest newspaper) 
"Sandy victims feared photos lost forever — they were wrong" ||| print + web

Univision Nueva York
"Intentan restaurar recuerdos luego del paso de Sandy" ||| TV segment


 "How Some Special Volunteers Made Brad Pitt Good Looking Again" ||| web

"Featured Site: CARE for Sandy" ||| web

The Wall Street Journal
"Photographers Pitch in to Restore Mementos Damaged by Sandy" ||| print + web

WFUV 90.7
Effort Aims to Salvage Sandy Victims' Treasured Memories" ||| web + radio segment