Need preliminary info? Read on!

It's 2014. Can you help me with my hurricane-damaged photos?

Due to existing volume, we are no longer hosting scanning events nor accepting family-submitted scans. 2014 applicants will be waitlisted. Visit this page for instructions on how to join our waitlist. 

What do you mean by "waitlisted"?

This means we do not currently have the resources to help. However should circumstances change, if you would like to be placed on our "waiting list", you'll be notified and potentially helped in the order in which your inquiry was received.

We wish we could help all Sandy families as well as victims of other natural disasters, but have to set realistic boundaries. Big bear hug for all! 

Who is eligible to request CARE for Sandy photo restoration assistance?

Anyone whose photographic prints have been directly damaged by flood waters, fire or general destruction caused by hurricane Sandy. 

Sandy-afflicted folks and DAMAGED images only, please. No opportunistic Pinnochios

Are CARE for Sandy digital photo restorations FREE?

YES. All restoration services are being offered to Sandy victims completely FREE of charge for those who have read and agreed to abide by CARE for Sandy's Submission Rules.

How many photos can I submit?

Individuals -or- *immediate families may submit up to 25 photos!

*By example, mom, dad and children living in a single household count as a single registrant. Spouses as well.

Note that we cannot predict how many submitted photos will be chosen by volunteers for restoration. When attending one of our Events, you will have the opportunity to bring your original photos home with you. Non-damaged images are not eligible. Digital copies of photos scanned at eents will not be provided at events but can be e-mailed upon request, after events. Essential details about the post-submission process can be found here. Ready to submit photos? Click here.

We do hope you'll have the grace and tact to prioritize. Are those 12 whatchamacalits snapped on 1999’s road trip as important as one image of the best birthday ever? Maybe! But...

Remember that a single digital restoration may take hours, days or even weeks to fulfill. Moreover, please remember that many others Sandy victims are hoping to be helped. Submitting a modest array of truly meaningful images will ensure that CARE for Sandy is able to spread lots and lots of photo TLC to as many people as possible.

IMPORTANT: If demand for retouching &/or scanning services begins to overwhelm, the maximum number (25) may change. Visit our Facebook profile frequently to stay updated.

Will I need to prep my photos in any way, before submitting them to be scanned?

If your photos are caked with dried mud, sand or other debris, we may provide personalized guidance on how to gently clean your photos before scanning. If you are scanning your own images, rather than paying a professional, we also recommend purchasing an air duster. They are typically used to clean computer keyboards. Follow the directions on the can, then lightly blow off smaller surface imperfections, including dust. Doing so before scanning can literally shave hours off of repair time. 

If attending one of our events, photos must be loose (no clumped stacks), reasonably clean (no loose debris), removed from albums/sleeves/frames and completely dry. Wet photos cannot be scanned. Visit our Salvaging Tips page or contact our "Receive advice from an expert" pros.

While not required, it would also be helpful to sort your photos by size before submitting them to help fill scanning beds more efficiently. Make stacks — small wallets, 3x5s and 3x6s, 8x10s and larger. Set aside the most grievously damaged as well. And more importantly, nominate your one "Most Cherished" plus "Top 2-10" so that our Restoration Volunteers know which images to get started on first.

Do you provide prints?

Not at this time. Restorations are provided as digital files. Printing is up to you. 

What about additional restorations. Can you make referrals if I'm willing to pay?

Realize that severely damaged photos would normally cost hundreds of dollars to repair. You may find low-cost restoration services online, which are commonly managed by untrained hobbyists, but as the saying goes, "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is." i.e. results will likely be amateurish. (Stay away from the cheapies at Walgreen's, for instance. And be wary of any website that will not let visitors inspect sample restorations at close range. Flawed restorations may look impressive from a distance at 72dpi, but not so great at 100% or larger.) 

Most families will not have the means to pay for additional restorations, but we can certainly extend recommendations, especially if images are lightly vs heavily damaged. 

I have damaged slides and negatives as well. Can you help me fix these?

CARE for Sandy suggests having your slides and negatives examined by someone who specializes in transparencies. CONTACT us for recommendations.

What about damaged camcorder and VHS memorabilia?

Neither CARE for Sandy nor it's current roster of friends nor sponsors are equipped to repair your damaged tapes, but you'll find a great set of how-to-save tips right here.

You can also e-mail our film restoration advisor, Lloyd Kaplowitz, for advice. He's known for his restorations of Bladerunner and The Godfather! We'd also be happy to provide referrals.

Please visit How to Submit Photos for detailed instructions on how to submit. Visit Post-Submission FAQ for additional helpful Q&As. Read our Events FAQ for specific info on what to expect from a CARE Scanning Event.