Can't afford to sponsor? Haven't got restoration skills? Interested in helping Sandy families in some alternate way? You rock! Helpful ideas below.

Print and frame images for families in need:

If interested in arranging, paying for and mailing framed prints or albums to one or several of our families, visit our "CARE Packages" page! We currently do not provide prints, as CARE for Sandy is not a formal 501(c)(3not-for-profit, and does not have the funds nor resources to do so.

Write/Illustrate/Photograph/Video for us:

We're looking for photographers, writers videographers and illustrators to kick our NEWS blog into gear. We've been hoping to offer feature articles, interviews and videos but staff just hasn't had the time! We can set 'you' up to interview volunteers and families as well, to cover the amazing stories that mainstream media outlets have missed.

Phone families who have received restorations: VOLUNTEERS FOUND!!!

Surprisingly, half the families we've sent restorations to have not responded to let us know that a given restoration has been received. Many of our families are also senior citizens who do not use the internet at all or with much frequency. Others have simply been too distraught or distracted to take the time to reply. We're therefore looking for those who would be willing to set aside a couple of hours, once-per-month, to phone families for which we've received no confirmations. If you'd like to become our good news/technical guidance phone rep, we're ready to accept your call.

Become a Sponsorship Ambassador:

Do you have ex/current clients or connections to companies or individuals whose services and supplies might benefit CARE for Sandy? We'd LOVE to make your acquaintance. 

Become a mini PR rep:

Pen a blog? Frequent web forums? Ever written a letter to an editor? Are Oprah and Ellen on speed-dial?! Can you help us track down key press contact info for targeted PR mailings? Lasso CARE for Sandy local and international press! Without the press we'd have 90% fewer restoration volunteers. Yay, you!

Become our bigwig PR rep:

Are you a professional PR rep? We'd love to make your acquaintance. Take a look at some of the amazing press we've received so far.

Become an Arts Community Ambassador:

Share info about CARE for Sandy at your next ADC chapter meeting, post about us on industry forums or educate fellow Linkedin photography zealots. In other words, help recruit new technically capable restoration volunteers!

Print + distribute Restoration Volunteer recruitment flyers:

Here's a secondary option for folks to print and distribute anywhere in the world. Do you attend art school? Belong to a creative organization like Adhesive NYC, the International Center of Photography or AIGA? Live or work in an area populated by fellow creative peeps? Download this variation. *REVISED FLYER COMING SOON.

Become a mobile, scanning volunteer:

Would you be willing to pick-up and re-deliver damaged photos for scanning for a family in your area? Better yet, would you be willing to scan images for a family in their home? We have a waiting list of families hoping to take advantage of this special service. Send us an e-mail if ready to become a mobile volunteer.

Pay a professional to scan and ship images to a family, or do so yourself:

Would you be willing to pay for round-trip insured shipment of damaged photos for a needy Sandy family who cannot make it to one of our events? Can you scan them or would you be willing to pay a professional vendor to do so? Perfect! We have a waiting list of families hoping to take advantage of this special service. Send us an e-mail if ready to help in this way.

Check our website for broken links or factual inconsistencies:

"nd lso typpos" — Website copy is constantly changing. Every aspect of this site was created by one person. Swift fingers and tired eyes make mistakes! Help keep an eye out for inconsistencies, too.

Spread the word in Spanish:

Bienvenido a CARE for Sandy. Nuestra misión es simplemente ofrecer servicios de restauración de fotos digitales para individuos y familias cuyas fotos han sido dañadas por el huracán devastador Sandy. Este servicio es ofrecido por GRATIS!.

¿Por qué usar CARE for Sandy? Debido a que los automóviles, hogares y puestos de trabajo son reemplazables, las imágenes de mamá y papá, luna de miel, los primeros pasos del bebé y el retrato del unico bis-abuelo sobreviviente no tienen precio. Fotos preservan historias significantes. Fotos mantienen el alma y el espíritu. Para mas informacion, porfavor visiten:

Print and post Sandy family info flyers: NO LONGER APPLICABLE

Download our url pull-tab PDF flyers for printing and distributing in your neighborhood. Leave copies at schools, churches, community centers, in mailboxes or on car dashboards to help others learn about CARE for Sandy. Download our Spanish PDF flyer here. *REVISED FLYER COMING SOON.

Arrange a mini scanning event in your community: NO LONGER APPLICABLE

CARE for Sandy would like to arrange scanning events in every deserving community, but knows this won't be possible. However YOU can help. Arrange your own mini scanning event! CARE for Sandy can help coordinate digital transfers for your scans, and will provide all the printable literature you'll need to help inform your attendees about CARE for Sandy's services.

Man our Twitter account: VOLUNTEER FOUND!!!

Social networking upkeeping takes time. We're looking for a Twitter zealot to supplement our Facebook feeds with #savethephotos, #careforsandy, market-targeted tweets.

Help answer family volunteer e-mails:

We haven't had much success with administrative volunteers, who tend to disappear or miss important deadlines once assistance has been formally requested. Only reach out if you truly have the time to assist on a weekly basis, and if willing and able to respond without Cry Wolf procrastination. Complete familiarity with our website literature and our cause is necessary, so that fielded questions can be answered without additional staff guidance. *SCANNING EVENTS ON HIATUS AT THIS TIME, THUS NO LONGER A GREAT NEED.

Help coordinate and arrange scanning events: NO LONGER APPLICABLE

Do the legwork for us. Contact community leaders, nail down event locations and share your leads. Let's work together to make these happen. *SCANNING EVENTS ON HIATUS AT THIS TIME.

Devote your CSS wizardy:

We have needs. You have the know-how. How now brown cow. Get in touch.

Aesthetically integrate/code our auto-fill forms:

They work well (and thanks to you know who haved saved the barrel from overflowing!), but could be prettier. We can provide design elements if you can help integrate these with your expert coding skills.

Teach us how to kern between individual letters in HTML:

The gap between the D and the Y on our masthead is driving us nuts!

Hire CARE for Sandy's founder!

Lee Kelly is a Freelance Creative Director (Art + Copy Hybrid)/Designer/Writer/Crossword Puzzle Constructor/Music Supervisor with a wealth of diverse industry experience and accolades. Managing CARE for Sandy, 10-18 hours a day, 7 days per week since 11/10/12 (i.e. 3,000+ hours by our one-year anniversary), has whalloped an exhausting 10-figure pecuniary toll. Supplement CARE for Sandy's humanitarian efforts by keeping baguettes n' bacon on Lee's kitchen table. Pen her a personal memo to request a portfolio link.