Due to an overwhelming number of existing submissions will not be organizing new scanning events. Click here to join our assistance waiting list. Click here to sign up for our hibernating mailing list, in case circumstances change.

What is a CARE Scanning Event?

An opportunity to bring up to 25 damaged *photos per individual or immediate family to be **scanned on-premise for FREE for future digital restoration. 

*Oversized photos may be counted as several photos, as they take longer to scan and often must be scanned in numerous pieces. **Our events are for damaged photos in need of restoration, only. Non-damaged images will be turned away. One MAY attend multiple events and submit new photos as long as one's sum total does not surpass 25 images.

I'm a community leader who would like to host or request a scanning event in my area. What do I do?

First check our Calendar to make sure we don't already have an event planned for your community. If no events are scheduled, send us an e-mail, and we'll get the ball rolling!

Is it possible to pre-register to speed up the process on the day of an event?

YES. Click here to download our digital, type-fill registration form. E-mail your form once complete, and let us know which event you plan to attend. Be sure to add your Last/Mi./First name to the file name so that we know who it belongs to. John F. Kennedy's form would be named as follows: CFS_DigiReg_KennedyJohnF.pdf.

We can accept digital pre-registration forms via e-mail up to 48 hours before an event or paper printouts at events.

What happens to my original photographs at a CARE Scanning Event?

They are scanned on-premise while you wait. You will be able to take your originals home with you.

Oh no! I have more than 25 photos I'd like to scan. If budget allows, are there companies or individuals which will help us scan more?

Yes. Online vendors such as Fotobridge, DigmyPics and ScanMyPhotos offer similar en masse services. The New York Times posted this great article on bulk scanning services. Bulk scanning is surprisingly affordable! Though note that archival companies do NOT provide digital restoration services, simply archival services. Note that CARE for Sandy cannot accept more than 25 scans/photos per individual or immediate family, regardless of where these scans come from.

What about additional restorations. Can you make referrals if I'm willing to pay?

Realize that severely damaged photos would normally cost hundreds of dollars to repair. You may find low-cost restoration alternatives online, but as the saying goes, "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is." i.e. results will likely be amateurish — speed and quantity versus quality. Most families, unless reasonably well-to-do, will not have the means to pay for additional restorations. But we can extend recommendations if wished, especially if images are lightly vs heavily damaged.

Will it be possible to obtain copies of my damaged scans at the event?

If you would be willing to buy a small, light-weight, inexpensive portable usb flash drive (like this one or this one or this one), bring it with you to our event. Drives needn't be larger than 2 gigs. You should be able to buy one for $4-$8 dollars. We can place your digital files on your drive for you to take home and enjoy. Please inform us when registering that you have brought a flash drive with you.

Can I bring my camcorder and VHS memorabilia too?

CARE for Sandy is not equipped to repair your damaged tapes, but you'll find a great set of how-to-save tips right here. You can also e-mail our film restoration advisor, Lloyd Kaplowitz, for advice. He's known for his restorations of Bladerunner and The Godfather! We'd also be happy to provide referrals.

Can I bring my negatives, slides and transparencies to be scanned?

Unfortunately not at this time.

Will I need to prep my photos in any way, before submitting them to be scanned?

Photos must be loose (no clumped stacks), reasonably clean (no caked debris), removed from albums/sleeves/*frames and completely dry. Wet photos cannot be scanned. Visit our Salvaging Tips page for additional guidance.

While not required it would also be helpful to sort your photos by size before submitting them to help fill scanning beds more efficiently. Make stacks — small wallets, 3x5s and 3x6s, 8x10s and larger. Set aside the most grievously damaged as well. And more importantly, nominate your one "Most Cherished" plus Top 2, 3, 4, 5 so that our Restoration Volunteers know which images to get started on first.

You MAY bring framed images and those still in albums if seeking salvaging advice, only. Extreme cases may be re-photographed with professional cameras before further decay sets in.

Where will scanning events take place?

CARE for Sandy hopes to organize community visits in as many affected New York and New Jersey pastures as possible. We're always scouting new event locations. Don't forget that CARE for Sandy is also offering to digitally restore existing scans. To learn how to submit existing high-resolution scans, visit our How to Submit Photos page.

What if I can't make it to any of your events or live too far away?

Visit our How to Submit Photos page for several alternate solutions. If none of our suggested solutions work for you, please send us an e-mail. CARE for Sandy aims to find ways to help everyone. Of additional importance? CARE for Sandy plans on offering FREE digital restoration services for at least one year. So do not worry if unable to attend our latest events!

Will there be long wait times at these events?

Maybe, but not necessarily. We're looking to avoid situations like this, which is why we will make sure we have plenty of volunteers on hand to get you in and out as swiftly as possible. Do, however, realize that scanning takes time. Depending on the size and condition of your photos, it can take 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to scan 25 images, depending on their size and condition.

If my photos have been registered and tagged, may I leave for a while then come back before the event is scheduled to end to pick up my originals?

Yes. But we cannot be held responsible for photos that have been left behind beyond the advertised end time of a given event. So please make sure you arrive at least 45 minutes before your chosen event is scheduled to end.

If I know where an event is to occur ahead of time, can I drop my photos off?

If willing to coordinate with an event location, yourself, this may be possible.

Will I need to bring anything with me, like identification?

No ID necessary, but if you intend to wait while your photos are scanned we suggest toting a book or magazine. And if accompanied by small children, appropriate activities for them as well. (We always bring coloring supplies for kids.) We will also need an actively monitored e-mail address to send your finished restorations to. We cannot postal snail mail restorations, as we do not provide prints.

If you don't have time to scan all of my photos an event, will I be sent home empty-handed?

To leave unscanned photos would make us very sad. If you've registered and patiently waited in line for a significant amount of time, but due to high volume have not had the opportunity to get your photos scanned on-premise at one of our events, let's talk. We might be able to take them home with us/arrange for scanning off-premise. No promises. But we'll gladly try!

Any additional event-day advice?

If you arrive more than an hour later before an event's advertised end time, there's a good chance your images may not be accepted due to the time it takes to scan. (e.g. Please do not arrive at 5:50pm for an event that has an advertised end time of 6:00pm.) Most families show up at our events well after noon. Early birds are processed much more swiftly!<

What happens to my scans after the event?

We've dedicated an entire page to this question. Visit Post-Submission FAQ.