Due to an overwhelming number of existing family photos, we will not be organizing new scanning events. Feel free to contact us to express interest in case circumstances change.

What is a CARE Scanning Event?

An opportunity for Sandy survivors to bring damaged photos to be scanned on premise for future digital restoration. CARE for Sandy plans on visiting communities in all five New York City boroughs as well as select New Jersey locations. (If you know someone who might like to participate in a CARE Scanning Event, point them to our How to Submit Photos page.)

What types of on-site duties might I be requested to perform as a volunteer at a CARE Scanning Event?

  • Setting up signs and event tables
  • Chalking sidewalk directions
  • Helping attendees fill out registration forms 
  • Numbering/registering original photos
  • Triaging damaged photos
  • Lightly cleaning photos
  • If professionally equipped, photographing images stuck in frames
  • Safeguarding unattended equipment
  • Operating our projector
  • Answering general questions
  • Handing out buttons
  • Scanning/ archiving/ cropping/ titling original photos
  • Uploading back-up scan files
  • Carpooling fellow volunteers to remote locations
  • Photographing or recording events for posterity
  • Extolling lotsa bear hugs

How do I become a CARE Scanning Event volunteer?

Are you willing to travel to one of Sandy’s afflicted communities to man a CARE scanning station in the near future? Are you comfortable standing or sitting for long hours? Are you an organized, friendly 'people' person? Yay, you! Please email us. Place "CARE EVENT VOLUNTEER” in your subject line, then cut and paste the following questions, accompanied by your responses:

( 1 )  Name / E-mail/ Phone Number
( 2 )  City / County / State
( 3 )  I am normally free during these hours ____ on this/these ____ day(s) of the week.
( 4 )  I know how to operate a flatbed scanner. (YES / NO)
( 5 )  I am willing to be taught how to operate a flatbed scanner. (YES / NO)
( 6 )  I am familiar with/comfortable operating a MAC. (YES / NO)
( 7 )  I own a flatbed scanner, portable harddrive or MACbook/laptop (*indicate which), that I’m 
willing to temporarily loan for CARE for Sandy's use in this ____ city/state. (YES / NO)
( 8 ) I am a photographer/ designer/ other creative professional (YES / NO*) *Indicate which
( 9 ) I speak conversational Spanish/ Russian/ Chinese (YES / NO*) *Indicate which

Fancy equipment? Electronics? Homework? Eek! Guess I'm not qualified. Boo.

Not so! We'd LOVE your assistance. Not all volunteers will be asked to scan nor operate equipment of any kind at EVENTS.

How many volunteers will you be needing at each event?

At least six scanner operators plus four general volunteers. Extra popular events may call for additional hands. Better to be overprepared than left in great need. At past events we've brought between 9 and 17. 

I don't live close enough to attend &/or do not have access to a scanner, but I reeeally want to help. Is there anything I can do?!

DEFINITELY! We've created a NEW category to answer this question! (If you DO own a scanner and live in NJ or NY, ask us about "adopting families" by becoming a mobile scanning volunteer. We have a volunteer in the Rockaways who has already scanned images for numerous lucky families!)

Anything else I oughta know?

CARE for Sandy plans to occasionally profile select volunteers on our forthcoming NEWS blog. If you have a personal Sandy story to share, or something about yourself you think the world needs to hear — ping away