Would you like to make a Sandy survivor's day? Why not send a CARE Package! Purchase and ship a restored photo gift(s) for one or more families. Click here to register. Read on to learn more.

Snapshot by Christina Capurso picturing Grandpa Ralph Capurso receiving Lindsay Brayda's restoration on his 82nd birthday.

Describe your CARE Packages program.

Many registered Sandy families have mistakenly presumed that CARE for Sandy provides prints. We do not, and this makes us sad. We are not a formal 501(c)(3not-for-profit and do not have the funding nor resources to do so. Restorations are gifted by CARE for Sandy as digital files. This is where 'you' come in! By offering to send a CARE Package you'll be gifting what CARE for Sandy cannot — be this a single, restored framed print or an entire album of restored prints. More importantly, you'll be helping to preserve treasured memories!

Are there any participation requirements?

→ You must have e-mail access. We cannot snail mail image cds/dvds/thumbdrives.
→ You must be willing to purchase at least ONE print and frame or alternate photo gift.
→ You must be willing to pay for postage to a NJ or NY address. 
→ You must be willing to make all shipping arrangements. We cannot mail your gift(s) for you.
→ You must agree to otherwise respect 'your' family's privacy, by not distributing or printing their image(s) in any alternate manner, beyond said gift for said family. 

I'm ready to send a CARE Package! What are the basic how-to steps?

  1. Click here to register. You'll be asked for basic contact info plus how you intend to contribute. 
  2. A volunteer will contact you to arrange a "family adoption". We'll coordinate to make sure you have the technical details you'll need.
  3. You'll be asked to confirm what you are willing to gift.
  4. Sized, high-res image downloads + 'your' family's name/mailing address will be provided.
  5. Purchase your print(s) and frame(s) or album.
  6. Ship your gift to 'your' family!
Album provided by Soho Photo Gallery. Prints provided by Bestype Imaging for Susan Unger Joffe of Long Beach. 

I live outside of the United States. Will I be able to help?

As long as you can afford international shipping charges, absolutely! 

I have a limited budget. Will I be able to help?

A single print won't break the piggy. Pretty frames needn't be expensive! We're sure you'll be able to find a frame that fits your budget. Be sure you can afford to ship your gift, too, thus keep the weight and dimensions of your chosen frame (or album) in mind. 

Sample Investment #1: 

TOTAL INVESTMENT = $8.48 - 11.48+ tax

Sample Investment #2: 

 TOTAL INVESTMENT= $13.12+ tax 


Sample Investment #3: 

 TOTAL INVESTMENT = $17.90+ tax

Will certain CARE Package families be prioritized?

Yes. We feel it's especially important to prioritize non-internet savvy senior citizens. (When a volunteer phoned one sweet grandma to learn where we might e-mail her restorations, we learned she'd been checking her old-fashioned mailbox every day for restored prints from her mold-ridden wedding album, as she did not understand the concept of "digital files.") Families who have lost their homes or who have endured other extreme hardships will also receive top priority.

Frame and album courtesy of À la Carte Album for JoHanna Cummings of Staten Island.

How many images/families are there?

Over 4,200 photos, belonging to 152 families. 

Why can't I just purchase and send a bunch of prints to a family? Wouldn't that be cheaper and easier than framing?

A bit of trivia: the restoration process is extremely time-consuming. On average a moderately damaged photo takes at least 10 hours to repair. Lightly damaged photos? Maybe five hours. A severely damaged photo? We could be talking 30-40 hours — apiece. Our most fortunate family has received 53 restorations, however most will be lucky to receive 10 or so, plus 1 family with extreeeemely damaged photos is still awaiting their first. Furthermore, some families were only able to recover 1-10 photos for scanning and restoring, which makes each photo extraordinarily precious and deserving of a frame. 

What are your greatest wishlist items?

Restorations often take months to complete, making full album purchases a less pressing need. A couple dozen families currently qualify for albums. Our greatest wishlist items are framed, solo prints. 

What about alternate photo 'gifts'?

Want to print a calendar? A coffee mug? A holiday keepsake ornament? Sure! Though you'll have to track down a vendor yourself.

Gifted by Patricia Rivera from Hawaii for Barbara Kelly from Rockaway Park.

Where can I purchase photographic prints?

There are ooooooodles of vendors that can help you create beautiful prints. Some will require you to upload our provided digital files over the internet. Others can be accessed in person. Some offer both. Ask around for recommendations!

If you want to visit a local vendor in person, place your images on a CD/DVD or inexpensive portable usb flash drive (like this one or this one or this one). 

Unless otherwise directed, you should submit the file we've sent that ends like this: "_RGB.jpg". (Some online vendors may request "sRGB", but "RGB" should work fine.)

CostcoCVSWalgreen's and OfficeMax make prints, as do mainstream cyber services like snapfish and shutterfly. Quality and color variations will probably differ wildly. Family photos are precious. Don't be tempted to let a few ¢ or $ be your sole deciding factor. Remember that old fashioned independent photo labs make digital prints as well, and may be more willing to take greater care.

Here are a few blogs that have compared and contrasted a variety of photo printing services. Visit to learn what their authors recommend, and why:

Any other ideas on where to shop for frames and albums?

Etsy, CB2, yourpictureframes, Victorian Frame Company, Nations Photo Lab or Michael's, for starters. Nordstroms even grants FREE shipping and returns, regardless of purchase price. Google works wonders with shopping as well, as you can create a "shopping" search in your zip code for the gift type of your choice based on your budget. Alternately, consider foraging finds from your favorite thrift shop to compliment restorations from an earlier era.

P.S. Why not make a custom frame or album? DIY joy for kids and adults alike!


We hope to fill this section with an assortment of related discounts for CARE Package donors (and Sandy survivors). Let the vendor know you're assisting a CARE for Sandy family.

  1. À la Carte Albums ||| 50% off album design and 30% off professional flush & matted albums.

Can I help a family in a particular area?

If an image(s) are ready from an area of your choosing, certainly. Our families hail from the following, which can also be explored by the identifying the YELLOW markers on our custom Google map. Use the +/- buttons to zoom in and out.

  1. Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY 
  2. Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY
  3. Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY 
  4. Mill Basin, Brooklyn, NY
  5. Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY
  6. Seagate, Brooklyn, NY
  7. Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY
  8. Longbeach, NY
  9. Babylon, Long Island, NY
  10. Baldwin Harbor, Long Island, NY
  11. Bayville, Long Island, NY
  12. Bellmore, Long Island, NY
  13. Brentwood, Long Island, NY
  14. Cedarhurst, Long Island, NY
  15. Freeport, Long Island, NY
  16. Hicksville, Long Island, N
  17. Inwood, Long Island, NY
  18. Island Park. Long Island, NY
  19. Lindenhurst, Long Island, NY
  20. Massapequa, Long Island
  21. Mastic Beach, Long Island, NY
  22. Merrick, Long Island, NY
  23. Oceanside, Long Island, NY
  24. Seaford, Long Island, NY
  25. Wantagh, Long Island, NY
  26. Woodmere, Long Island, NY
  27. Arverne, Queens, NY
  28. Atlantic Beach, Queens, NY
  29. Belle Harbor, Queens, NY
  30. Breezy Point, Queens, NY
  31. Far Rockaway, Queens, NY
  32. Island Park, Queens, NY
  33. Jamaica Bay, Queens, NY
  34. Neponsit, Queens, NY
  35. Rockaway Park, Queens, NY
  36. Arden Heights, Staten Island, NY
  37. Arrochar, Staten Island, NY
  38. Great Kills, Staten Island, NY
  39. Midland Beach, Staten Island, NY
  40. Old Bridge Township, NJ
  41. Sayreville, NJ
  42. South Amboy, NJ
  43. South River, NJ

I'm a restoration volunteer. Can I assist a family I've restored a photo for?

How sweet! Sure thing! If you are willing to print, frame and ship your photo(s). Though fill out our CARE Package registration form first, to make sure your budget matches what we think will work best for 'your' family. For instance if an alt donor were to come forward who could afford to print an entire album of wedding photos for 'your' family, or who was willing to buy matching frames for half a dozen, this option might better benefit 'your' family than a solo gift. Our form will ask you to provide the file name(s) for image(s) you might wish to gift.

I don't see the answer to my question.

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