"Most Cherished" photos are nominated by families. Each has been asked to indicate which ONE photo matters most. Restoration volunteers with extra Advanced skills are encouraged to prioritize "Most Cherished" imagery. (Photos listed before the first white numerical square belong to high-priority families who have received fewer than 6 restorations.) Visit our Adopt Me! (Most Cherished) Flickr Thumbnail Gallery to view images as cascading thumbnails. 

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  • millalr_nassau_20130407_001_mc_cr

    EXTRA advanced volunteer needed ||| Staff didn't want to offer false hope and indicated could likely not save with an accurate likeness. This is our only family who has ret to receive a restoration, as all four submitted images were severely damaged.

  • mohre_midlandbeach_20130413_001_mc_cr

    Intermediate/Advanced volunteer needed ||| Must excel with color correction and ideally illustration. As shadows/tone in addition to color will have to be manually applied with realism, to mimic what's been washed away. This is the family's only photo. It's original volunteer abandoned the image. Staff wanted to take over but just doesn't have the time. : (

  • oglede_sayerville_20130216_001_mc_cr_300

    EXTRA Advanced volunteer needed ||| Original pro-retoucher volunteer returned to us one year late, but the restoration was covered in artificial grain rather than cleaned, was way too dark and contained other issues. Amendment requests were never fulfilled, so sadly this has returned to our adoption pool. Family submitted only two photos. Only one has been restored.

  • nelsja_sayreville_20130216_001_mc_cr

    Advanced volunteer needed ||| Permission to crop out portion on right that i entirely obscured ||| ||| Family has received only 3 restorations. Very high priority. Recovered only 5 photos.

  • alvobos_nassau_20130407_001_mc_cr

    EXTRA advanced volunteer needed ||| Cropped from larger severely damaged image. Ask for uncropped alvobos_nassau_20130407_005_cr and to help repair ||| Family has received 3 restorations. All are exceptionally damaged. Though had staff triaged this photo, we would have warned that this photo would not likely ever get adopted. It makes more sense to repair alternate photos in which the same man is not so badly damaged.

  • mckewij_sayreville_20130216_001_mc_cr

    Intermediate/Advanced volunteer needed ||| We tell our volunteers: "For all you know that foot you've been tempted to remove may be the last remaining 'image' of a loved one. That pot you're dying to clone away may have been where dad hid mom's wedding ring. That bag or bush or beer can may have significance we're not aware of." This family brought us a brick of stuck together photos. We were able to separate a mere 6. None feature people, but the images contain great meaning, for whatever reason, to this family.

  • baloma_redhook_20130224_01_mc_cr2x

    EXTRA Advanced volunteer needed ||| Note: Was not presented to staff at scanning event when triaged. Would have warned family a difficult save that not many capable of rendering with photo realism, so as not to provide false hope. Cannot look "painterly". Not much info in channels for the man on the left nor the lower portion of the middle fella. ||| Family has received only 3 restorations.

  • barrtak_nassau_20130407_001_mc_cr

    EXTRA Advanced volunteer ||| Channels are hiding lost of pristine content. Not as bad as it looks for someone with expert color correction skills. ||| Family has received 4 restorations out of 6 total recovered

  • ardijea_midlandbeach_20130407_001_mc_cr

    Advanced volunteer needed ||| Family has received only 5 restorations. Most are extremely damaged. This is one of the 'least' damaged.

  • 6-9

    Images beyond this square belong to families who have received 6-9 restorations. Under 10 = high priority.

  • vilenam_nassau_20130407_001_mc_cr

    Advanced volunteer needed ||| ||| Family has received only 6 restorations. Very high priority. Submitted only 9. Rarely adopted.

  • abrasti_nassau_20130407_001_mc_cr

    TOP 1-10 ||| Advanced volunteer needed

  • chrige_nassau_20130407_001_mc_cr

    EXTRA Advanced volunteer needed ||| Family has received 7 restorations.

  • peresu_midlandbeach_20130407_001_mc_crw

    Advanced volunteer needed ||| Family requested watermark ||| Young Janis Joplin after Ed Sullivan appearance ||| Family has received 10 restorations.

  • SullElA_Arverne_120912_001_mc_cr

    EXTRA Advanced volunteer needed ||| Abandoned by original November volunteer, who never sent a restoration and has not responded to emails. ||| Family has received 13 complex restorations.

  • eliama_midlandbeach_20130407_001_mc_3592a

    Advanced volunteer needed ||| Photographed rather than scanned, unfortunately not very well (unfocused) and without bracketing. Permission to fill in oval to rectangle's edges. ||| Family has received 14 restorations

  • fallri_sayreville_20130216_001_mc_cr

    EXTRA Advanced volunteer needed ||| Family has received 15 restorations.

  • veririr_nassau_20130407_001_mc_cr

    TOP 1-10 ||| Advanced volunteer needed ||| Family has received 16 restorations. This is a most cherished. ||| Labeled Advanced rather than Intermediate as dark areas will need artificial contouring/lighting effects so that figures feel 3D.

  • havekaj_sayreville_20130216_001_mc_cr

    EXTRA Advanced volunteer needed ||| Family has received 14 restorations.

  • pottsat_sayerville_20130216_001_mc_cr

    Advanced volunteer needed ||| Request image # pottsat_sayerville_20130216_015_cr as well to aid with man's face. Very similar image in same setting that should make repair far less difficult than this image suggests. ||| Family has received 17 restorations.

  • delifl_midlandbeach_001_mc_cr

    Advanced volunteer needed. ||| Family has received 19 restorations

  • joffsuu_nassau_20130407_001_p1_mc_cr

    EXTRA advanced volunteer needed ||| Family has received 30 restorations.

  • mf_rockaways_112012_001_mc_cr

    Advanced volunteer needed