Welcome to CARE for Sandy. CARE stands for Cherished Albums Restoration Effort. Our mission is simple: to offer FREE digital restoration services for individuals and families whose photos have been damaged by October 2012's devastating hurricane. 

Why? Because whereas cars, homes and jobs are replaceable, images of mom & dad’s honeymoon, baby’s first steps and great great grandpa’s sole surviving portrait are priceless. Photos contain deep-rooted significance. Photos preserve stories! Photos foster soul and spirit. 

Visit our Albums gallery, to view our full array of treasures.

IMPORTANT: Our deadline for new family submissions has passed. 2014 inquiries will be waitlisted. Visit this page to learn more.

THANKS to our growing corps of VOLUNTEERS and SUPPORTERS who have graciously offered to assist Sandy victims at no charge. You too can help! Like our Facebook page, tweet fellow nesters, grapevine civic council leaders or pass out CARE for Sandy flyers. P.S. We're based in Brooklyn!